Coruu Story

- the courage to be yourself

The waves beat a steady rhythm on the rocks at the shore. Two women stood on the seashore in Turku and gazed at the horizon. The women were frightened by the new unknown, wondering whether their wings would carry them. At that moment they decided to go for their big dream.

Coruu is a company founded by Finnish women, created by courage and a fierce passion to forge one’s own destiny. The Coruu jewellery is born of nature’s motifs and graphic shapes, formed by jewellery designers. Each piece has its own unique story.

The material is light and pure, withstanding the hard knocks of life by being soft and yielding rather than hard and inflexible. It will change, but it always returns to its own shape, just like the archipelago’s nature and its four seasons.  

The Coruu designer jewellery is for women who don’t ask for permission to fulfil themselves. Wherever you are, whoever you are, Coruu is a gift for you. Each piece is made and packaged by hand in Finland. We ship them out with a wish: may this piece stay with you to support your dreams and goals. With this piece, you will receive a little bit of sea breeze from the archipelago, some of the rock’s hardness, of the sea’s strength - the beauty of contrasts.

Coruu transcends being a mere piece of jewellery. With each piece, we send women the courage to be who they truly are. The mother of the Moomin characters, Tove Jansson, is a brilliant example of a Finnish woman who wasn’t afraid to choose and follow her own path. That is why we’re especially proud that the Moomin characters are part of the Coruu story.

We wish all the women in the world to have equal opportunities to live out the dreams of their lives.  The Coruu jewellery is made through the collaboration of many women and the final product will pass many hands, offering work for a number of women of different ages and situations. We encourage you to be yourself - jewellery is not just for festive occasions, they can be part of your everyday life, every day!

Coruu’s jewellery is light as a feather!
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